Bee Swarm in North Orange County, CA – Our Experience

Bee Swarm Orange County Experience

Bee Swarm Orange County Experience

Have you ever had a problem with bees in your house? We just experienced a major bee invasion and I wanted to share our experience…

We live in North Orange County, CA and beyond our backyard is a river bed. We’re not in a rural area…there’s a Nordstrom 2 miles away and an MLB team 10 miles away. Still, we are accustomed to all varieties of wild life… frogs, rabbits, coyotes, lizards and beautiful white Great Egrets that make their way to the next pond via the highway that is the riverbed.


Late January, I noticed a huge swarm of bees in the backyard.  I hurried the dogs and cats inside and watched from the kitchen window. I called my husband from the other room and he came down to watch, too. The swarm dissipated about an hour later. We didn’t really think much about it after that afternoon.

Last month my husband was out of town on a business trip. Two days in a row I found a bee in our family room (next to the fireplace on my end of the sofa where I write this blog). Both times, I grabbed a newspaper and ended its life. Then, on another night I found a dead bee in the bathtub upstairs.

I told my sister-in-law about this, and she suggested the bees might be in the chimney and I should light a fire to get them to leave. Fearful of a swarm inside the house, I made sure the flue was shut and promptly put the bee incidents behind me until my husband came home.

This week, while I was rolling Ziploc Catalinas at Kmart,  my husband noticed a bunch of bees outside the window while working on a remodeling project upstairs. He went to the backyard and saw something that looked like this under the eaves near our chimney.

Bee Removal Orange This is a picture of a swarm that is in the eave of a house.

Now, my husband is the ultimate do-it-yourselfer. I came home to find him armed with Wasp Spay from Home Depot wearing this little number.

He explained that he was going up the ladder and would shoot the spray directly into the hole they were coming in through. I begged him to use a professional – (all I could envision with this plan was a trip to the emergency room). I went upstairs and looked out the window close to where he was seeing the bees. I thought to myself, “why not just open the window, remove the screen, stick your arm out and spray the bees from inside the house?”

Sometimes I am brilliant ;) Or as my dad used to say, “I’m not as dumb as I look!”

The first can just upset them. After a trip to Home Depot for cans 2, 3, and 4 – they went on the attack. Our plan was not working. Finally, I convinced my husband to call a professional.

First I went to the City of Brea’s website to see if they provided any kind of service. They did not. Next I googled OC Bee Removal, and found a bunch of  different sites. Most did not mention pricing, except for The Orange County Bee Guys. They stated a rate of $189. Now, having worked in marketing I understood that this would be  a “starting at” price.

What I liked about their website (in addition to listing the price), were the images showing what you might be experiencing with the Bees. That way it’s easy to call and say, “yeah, #2 is going on at my house”. The woman on the phone was pleasant and explained that to drive/kill the bees in an “interior swarm” situation was $295.

They use orange oil to kill the bees inside the eaves and seal up the cracks where they come in. Hive removal is available as an extra service, and could go into the thousands of dollars depending on location and extent of the hive. She also explained that every month the bees were allowed to live in the wall, the hive would double in size. (Talking to people about this, I found out that the receptionist at my dentist’s office had a 100 pound hive removed from her house! Yikes!)

The first technician came to our house and donned a full bee suit. He went up to the roof, sprayed the bees and then went about sealing the cracks. Unfortunatly, the next day we had torrential rain in So Cal and today we could see that the bees had returned and were still coming in through the eaves. We called the office again with our 30 day guarantee in hand and another technician came over. He was more personable than the first and explained more about the process. My husband and I both felt that he did a more thorough inspection and sealed more areas than the original technician. And he looked like Shawn White!

Our plan is to wait a few weeks and open the wall ourselves to remove the hive and re-drywall. Or should I say that’s my husbands plan. I will watch from a safe distance, telephone for emergency calls and camera in hand!

Stay tuned for more details…

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  1. joni curry says:

    what an experience; I hope this will be the last of them for you. This has happened to two of my brothers before, living right in the walls of their houses. I have seen them make a temporary hive (hanging off of a limb) then move on; I have never had them move in. When this happened at a Elementary School they came in like Bee Busters and used a vaccum so they didnt kill any of them. Its a scary sight to see thousands of bees.

  2. scary! We had a very small swarm settle into our front yard fence pillar. At first my dh wanted to leave it, he has always been interested in having bees-but we can’ he liked the thought of a wild hive nearby. After a few days we became concerned about people walking by on the sidewalk, so dh began looking into how to encourage the bees to leave.

    I looked out my front window one day to see dh all decked out in a nomex suit (overalls) a couple jackets, the top on on backward, a big breathing mask and hat…and a tennis racket and bug spray. I only refrained from photgraphing this because I knew he would kill me later if I did.

    …he just made them mad… :)

  3. Thanks for the information. We haven’t had any issue since then, but I will keep your company in mind should your services are ever required.