American Girl Coupon Code to be Announced 12/5/12 on NBC Today Show – Jill’s Steals & Deals!



American Girl Facebook Announcement NBC Today Show Jill's Steals & Deals

American Girl Discount on NBC Today Show Jill’s Steals & Deals 12/5/12



ALL SOLD OUT – But if you’re looking for AG items, there are some great prices on AG Accessories on Amazon!

And here’s $5 off an Amazon purchase of $25 or more!


Badger Basket Trundle Doll Bunk Beds With Ladder – Pink/White:  $39 (the AG beds are between $70 – $178!)

Doll Wheelchair Set for 18? Dolls Like American Girl Dolls, Doll Chair Set includes Doll Wheelchair, Doll Crutches & Bandage, 18? Doll Furniture:  $37.95 (the AG has them priced separately, $30 for the crutches and $38 for the Wheelchair)

Doll Scooter & Helmet Set, 18 Inch Dolls Accessories for American Girl Dolls, 2 Pc. Doll Helmet & Scooter Set, 18? Doll Furniture: $23.95 (AG price for the Scooter only is $49)

18 Inch Doll Backpack, Doll Size for 18? Doll Accessories and American Girl Dolls In Pink Nylon, Zippered Opening and Pocket in Hot Pink: $6.95

Doll Boots Pink Suede Ewe Boot, 18 Inch Doll Shoes Fits 18 Inch American Girl Dolls: $5.95 (AG Boots start at $14)

18 Inch Pink Doll Shoes for American Girl Dolls, Pale Pink Doll Sneakers: $5.95

18 Inch Doll Clothes Fits American Girl Dolls – Doll Cheerleader Outfit Set Includes Pom Poms Doll Accessories & Pink Cheerleader Doll Dress: $15.95 (AG Cheerleader outfit is $34)

2 Piece “Hanging Out” Flower Jeans and Shirt Outfit – Includes Pair of Flower Jeans and Matching Flower Shirt: $14.95

Badger Basket Canopy Doll Bed With Bedding – Pink/White: $37.50 (AG Canopy Beds are $125)

18 Inch Doll Clothes/clothing Fits American Girl Dolls – Leopard Pajamas 18? Outfit: $15.99

Pink Leopard Sassy 3pc Doll Clothing Set With Purse — Fits 18? American Girl Doll: $17.99

Pop Star Outfit – 18 Inch Doll Clothes/clothing Fits American Girl – Includes 18? Dolls Accessories: $19.99

Badger Basket Doll Armoire With Three Hangers – Pink/White: $36.49

Badger Basket Doll Bunk Beds With Ladder And Storage Armoire – Pink/White: $44.20


Currently at Amazon, you can pick up American Girl Mini Doll + Book  sets for $16.31 each!


Rebecca Mini Doll (American Girl)

Julie Mini Doll (American Girl)

Caroline Mini Doll (American Girls Collection Mini Dolls)

Ruthie Mini Doll (American Girl)

Elizabeth Mini Doll (American Girl)

Emily Mini Doll (American Girls Collection Mini Dolls)

Nellie Mini Doll (American Girl)

Felicity Mini Doll (American Girls Collection Mini Dolls)

Molly Mini Doll (American Girls Collection Mini Dolls)

Josefina Mini Doll (American Girl)

Samantha Mini Doll (American Girl)

Kirsten Mini Doll (American Girl)



Wow! American Girl just announced on their Facebook page about a a special discount on American Girls Dolls and Accessories! If you’re a fan, you know that sales on American Girl items are extremely rare!


As part of the Today Show’s Jill’s Steals and Deals segment, American Girl will be releasing a code to take 61% off select American Girl items, including 2 American Girl Dolls!

The code will be announced during the 9am EST/6am PST broadcast of the Today Show on December 5th!



These items are expected to be included.



American Girl Marie-Grace NBC Today Show Jill's Steals & Deals



Marie-Grace + Accessories bundle — The price after the discount should be $50.31 + $16.95 shipping = $67.26.



American Girl Cecile NBC Today Show Jill's Steals & Deals


Cecile + Accessories Bundle – The price after the discount should be $50.31 + $16.95 shipping = $67.26. (dress and accessories included may be different than shown above)


Look for a  Canopy Bed to be included.  It sells for $125, so with a 61% discount the price should be $48.75.


Quantity limited to three per order. 


Offer valid for orders placed through 8:15 AM Central Time on 12/06/2012, or while promotional supplies last; promotional quantities are limited. Discount will appear at checkout.

Discount applies only to the retail price of the qualifying items in your order. Discount does not apply to non-qualifying items, charges for shipping and processing, sales tax, or gift wrap.

Offer excludes shipments from American Girl retail stores. Cannot be combined with other offers. We reserve the right to limit order and item quantities. No substitutions. Unfortunately, the offer will not be extended if you are unable to order due to technical issues.

Outfit shown with Crinoline & Chemise, sold separately.
Get it gift-wrapped! Add $10.


I know the some of the links are not active yet, and all this is subject to change. We’re going on information and a bit of speculation from American Girls Facebook page and our friends at Wheel n’ Deal Mama and Shopping with Les



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  1. Steve Beaulieu says:

    This is bait and switch tactics. The today show should be ashamed for being associated with companies like this. I will never recommend their products.