Amazon 7 Kindle Fire HD only $149 with Synced AmEx Card! #BuyKindleFireHD



American Express Amazon Kindle Fire Sync Offer

American Express Amazon Kindle Fire Sync Offer



Here’s a deal that will probably be gone pretty quick!

Get a 7″ Amazon Kindle Fire HD for only $149.99 when you purchase it using your synced American Express Card. (Haven’t synched your Amex yet? Head over here)

The regular price on Amazon for the 7″ Amazon Kindle Fire HD on Amazon is $199.


This special AmEx discount will be run similar to how the $25 AmEx Gift Card for $15 offer was done on Monday.


—  Check AmericanExpress on Twitter for the hashtag.

—  Tweet #BuyKindleFireHD  hashtag back to get your link to the sale page.

—  Once you are on the special sales page, enter your synced AmEx info and then wait for the confirmation hashtag to tweet back.

—  You’ll have 15 minutes to tweet the confirmation hashtag to confirm your purchase. Purchases will be sent to the AmEx billing address on file.



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