Albertsons: Ground Beef Recall in Washington, Oregon and Idaho



albertsons ground beef recall 9/25/2012

Albertsons Ground Beef Recall


If you have purchased ground beef from a SuperValu Albertsons store in Washington, Oregon, or these stores in Northern Idaho: Coeur d’Alene, Hayden and Lewiston, please check your packages of ground beef sold AT the meat counter AND in the refrigerated already-packaged coolers.
Albertsons has issued a voluntary recall on the following products sold from Albertsons’ full service counters at the customer’s request or sold in packaged form with an Albertsons store label in Albertsons stores from 9/3/12 through 9/21/12:

  • All raw ground beef products sold through the full service counter case at the customer’s request and store-packaged ground beef products purchased from 9/3/12 through 9/21/12.

Additionally, the following pre-packaged products are subject to the recall:

  • Fresh Ground Beef Patties 80/20, 1 LB, UPC: 7-52907-60030, USE BY Date: 9/11/12
  • Fresh Ground Beef Chub 73/27, 1 LB, UPC: 7-52907-18271, USE BY Date: 9/18/12 & 9/21/12
  • Fresh Ground Beef Chub 73/27, 3 LB, UPC: 7-52907-18251, USE BY Date: 9/18/12 & 9/21/12

Customers are urged to check their freezers for the specified products above and return them to their local Albertsons store for a full refund or replacement.


Read the full Albertsons Ground Beef Recall notice here


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  1. It’s alarming how many recalls we have in this country for tainted beef and often the recall comes after much of the meat has been consumed or is in the food supply (ie people’s refrigerators and freezers). Thanks for the heads up.