6 Pack of Aluminum 9-LED Flashlights + Batteries $9.99 shipped!


 6 Pack of Aluminum 9-LED Flashlights with Batteries Included

6 Aluminum 9-LED Flashlights



These are so handy to have around!

Pick up a 6 pack of 6 Pack of Aluminum 9-LED Flashlights with Batteries Included for only $9.99 shipped! 

I bought a few sets last year and have them stashed in my car, handbag, and pretty much every room of the house. They’re also great additions to gift bags.


All the flashlights you’ll ever need for one outrageously low price! Now you can keep a quality flashlight in the glove box of each car, with the camping gear, in the tool box, on the workbench on your night stand and more! There’s no better deal going on high quality flashlights like these. Trust us, we checked. Each is crafted for the long haul and features aluminum construction that’s tough, yet lightweight plus nine long-life LEDs that throw an intense beam. Flashlights come in two styles and you get 3 colors of each. ‘AAA’ batteries for each included, so they’re ready to use right out of the box!


Product Features

• 2 Different Designs – Easy Grip and Sleek
• Low Power Consumption~LED Bulbs Can Last Up to 100,000 Hours
• Easy On/Off Button~Batteries Included (3 x AAA each – 18 Total)
• Colors: Color Combination May Vary (No guarantee on which colors will be shipped)



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