3 pack EkoBrew Single-Cup brewing filters $18.99 shipped! Great for Keurig Systems!


 Ekobrew keurig single serve coffee filters

Ekobrew Reusable Single Serve Coffee Filters



If you use a Keurig Brewer, you know the cost of K-Cups can be pretty high, not to mention the the waste associated with single-brew coffee systems.
The EkoBrew single-cup brewing packs cut down on K-cup waste and saves you money, too by allowing you too fill the EkoBrew filter with any regular ground coffee!


Groupon offers a 3 pack for only $18.99 shipped – that’s only $6.33 each (even lower than Amazon pricing!)


You could choose to order a single EkoBrew filter for $7.99 or a 2 pack for $12.99, but then you have to pay an additional $2.99 shipping. The 3 pack ships FREE. 


The spacious filter houses all the grounds necessary for a mild or dark cup. The filter stands up to daily use thanks to a durable plastic or stainless steel frame and a heavy-gauge micromesh filter. After brewing, the filter washes clean, for it’s next use. My husband only drinks decaffeinated coffee and honestly, the decaffeinated selection available in K-Cups is pretty limited. He uses the EkoBrew filters everyday! (and it’s nice to have a few to rotate)



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