2013 Printable Emmy Awards Ballot – Play Along at Home!

2013 Printable Emmy Awards Ballot

2013 Printable Emmy Awards Ballot


Yay! Awards Season!

This year the 2013 Emmy Awards will be televised on CBS on Sunday, September 22nd. One day I’ll be lucky enough to be on the Red Carpet like the star bloggers get to do ;) but until then, I’ll fill out my Printable Emmy Awards Ballot and play along at home with my family!

Besides, it so much fun to tweet during the show!

In the Los Angeles area it looks like we’ll have to depend on E! or KTLA for pre-game red carpet festivities (starting at 3pm) as the Colts play the 49ers on channel 2. And they better not go into overtime! ;)

The actual Primetime Emmy Awards Show starts at 5pm PT/8pm ET

If you want to cast your own Emmy ballot and play along at home, the LA Times has an interactive Emmy Awards ballot you can print out or share on Facebook and/or Twitter

If you want a traditional ballot you can print and fill out at home, here’s a Printable Emmy Awards Ballot

I’ll update this post with any Twitter parties I hear of.

  • So do you think Breaking Bad will sweep?
  • Is it Jon Hamm’s year to finally win?
  • Will Netflix continue to make history?
  • Who are you looking forward to seeing on the Red Carpet?


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