2013 Hot Toys List with Walmart, Amazon, Target and Toys R Us Price Comparison (updated 11/21/13)

2013 Hot Toy List with Price Comparisons2013 Hot Toy List

Wondering what the hot toys for the Holidays are? (Maybe you’re an aunt or uncle or family friend and you want to pick a great gift for the kids in your life and don’t know what’s hot.)

This is the Top 20 hottest toys for 2013 as chosen by kids!

And, because it’s important to keep Holiday spending budgets intact, the toys are presented with price comparisons for Walmart, Amazon, Target and Toys R Us. Toy prices are subject to change as we move closer towards the holidays. These prices were current as of 11/21/13.

Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends Batcave

1. Fisher-Price Imaginext Batcave Play Set 

$29.99 Walmart | $29.99 Amazon  | $32.99 Toys R Us | Target not available online

Kids will love helping Batman and his sidekick Robin, devise crime-fighting strategies from this secret command center equipped with all sorts of gadgetry. There’s a Bat computer, secret walkways, a Batwing, an elevator, jail and more. Turn the Batman or Robin figures on any of the 3 activation disks to make cool things happen throughout the Bat cave. Plus, there’s a launcher that lets young super heroes fire projectiles at approaching intruders. And when Batman needs to race into Gotham City just place him on his Bat cycle and send him off to save the day.

Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm Play Set

2. Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm Play Set  

$22.99 Walmart |  $22.99 Amazon  | $32.99 Toys R Us | $33.25 Target

This farm is abuzz with activity, just like the real thing. There’s so much for a child discover and make happen. Little hands can make the barn doors open and close to the realistic sounds of “moo”, “neigh” and “baaa”. Farmer Eddie and your little one will be kept busy as they run the farm, build a corral, open, close, push, turn and learn 8 new sing-along songs about daytime life on the farm! And other songs and sounds describe what nighttime on a farm is like, too. Play pieces store easily in the silo and a handy on-off switch gives parents control to turn off the sounds when playtime is done.


2013 Barbie Dreamhouse

3. 2013 Barbie Dreamhouse 

$148.99 Walmart | $149 Amazon  | $148.99 Toys R Us | $149 Target

It’s every doll’s dream come true! This freshly renovated Barbie Dreamhouse features three exciting levels of play, lights and sounds throughout, and — for the first time ever — two cool elevators (one just for Barbie doll’s fashions)! The fully furnished luxury home boasts a fun new layout with gobs of designer details and girly touches — for lounging and entertaining in glamorous style! After you ring the working doorbell, enter the elegant pink double-doors and head to the kitchen for a yummy snack. Prepare amazing treats for Barbie doll and friends (not included) with the pink appliances, an oven that lights up, and a blender complete with sounds. Then visit the dining room, where girls can serve meals and even flip the table to go from breakfast to dinner!

Flutterbye Flying Fairy Doll

4. Flutterbye Flying Fairy Doll

 $27.44 Walmart | $27.99 Amazon  | $27.87 Toys R Us | $27.99 Target

Turn a young girl’s dreams into reality as they watch Flutter bye Fairies effortlessly dance through the air. Every enchanting flight puts the magic directly in their hands. Flutter bye’s gracefully glide across the sky guided only by the hands of young girls. There’s never been a more magical experience. Put the magic in their hands with the charming flight of Flutter bye Fairies.

Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo

5. Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo

$49 Walmart | $49 Amazon  | $49 Toys R Us | $49 Target

This hugging Elmo toy from Sesame Street loves to hug and play, and will invite little ones to play along with him! Just give him a hug and he’ll hug back, or press his left foot to dance along with him as he sings. Pressing his left foot also activates 1 of 4 imagination activities: astronauts, rabbits, frogs or horses. Just move him around to get the fun adventure started! To skip from one imagination activity to the next, press Elmo’s left foot again. When it’s nap time, lay Big Hugs Elmo down in a flat position. He’ll become sleepy, sing a lullaby and make sleeping sound effects. To wake Elmo up, just press his left foot.

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