15 Packs of Strawberry Mentos $1.54 shipped! (Amazon Add-On item)

 Strawberry Mentos Amazon Add-On item

 Strawberry Mentos


If you’re placing an order of $25 or more on Amazon today (maybe a Kindle at 15% off?), you might as well add:

Mentos Roll – Strawberry, 1.32-Ounce (Pack of 15) to your order for only $1.54 shipped!

It’s part of the Amazon add-on program, so you can’t order it on it’s own. It’s also, most likely a price mistake, so you might only receive 1 roll. But, it’s worth a try for yummy Mentos! ;)

  • Pack of fifteen, 1.32-Ounce (Total of 19.8-Ounces)
  • Luscious strawberry flavor, fresh and juicy
  • Tangy sweet and chewy

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