14″ Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter only $7.95 shipped with Amazon Prime

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Culina Pizza Cutter 14" Stainless Steel, Wooden Handle (Beech)

14″ Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

Here’s a useful kitchen tool, get a 14″ Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter for only $7.95 shipped with Amazon Prime*.

In addition to making quick work on pizzas, the 14″ Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter is perfect for cutting, chopping, mincing and scooping meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs in a flash.

With a sturdy, ultra sharp tapered blade that ensures a clean, uniform cut with full efficiency every time. Its size spans the length of the pizza and only requires a no-strain, easy rock movement to get the slicing done! Mess-free! Engineered for heavy duty use, it won’t bend, warp or dull easily on you. A tough-built for longevity and great value.



Ever wonder what it’d be like to cut pizzas with a rocker blade like the professionals at the pizzeria? Get food sliced in one fell scoop with Culina 14″ x 3″ Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Wooden Handle (Beech) is designed for commercial and every day users in mind. No need to work for a pizza establishment, you too, can confidently use it to slice, chop and mince!

Culina Pizza Cutter cuts uniform slices in one quick rocking motion. Traditional knives pull the pizza apart, slice unevenly; roller wheel cutters tend to “smoosh” the crust, trap and drag cheese, sauce and toppings off the pizza.

Avoid the frustration, get Culina rocking cutter: its heavy duty design (3″ large at the curve) adds a touch of rugged yet stylish appeal to your kitchen décor all the while boasting a performance to rip through a deep dish pizza crust.

Not just pizzas: cut soap bars or sandwiches, chop herbs, produce, meat or mince garlic and nuts! Scoop ingredients up thanks to the large blade surface.

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